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About Slovenia

Often thought of as a more backwoods, less destination-worthy locale, Slovenia is constantly disproving preconceived notions with their well-established sophistication. While its’ rusticity remains a country-wide draw, a progressive culinary society stretches beyond the rural charm. In fact, its’ balance of modernization and inertia have allowed Slovenia’s true appeal to shine through; the picturesque Adriatic coastline and snow-capped mountain peaks unknowingly entice its’ visitors to a heavenly mindset. Any Slovenia tour guide will encourage you to lose your senses in its’ turquoise waters and castle-dotted cliff sides.
Along with its’ seemingly unhurried serenity, Slovenia is a very open-minded and tourist-friendly country. Many residents speak English, especially the younger generation, making navigating its’ land easy and accessible to those visiting. Their subtle reputation for a more raucous nightlife scene can make urban areas intimidating after dark, but safety is no more of an issue than in any other modern destination. Like most countries, shopping and markets are more accessible in larger cities but locals can be a bit more hospitable in the slower, rural regions.  

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