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About Slovakia

In the heart of Central Europe, tiny Slovakia’s lights tend to get dimmed by its more popular neighbours, but there are plenty of reasons to visit this landlocked country. Rich in history and with the age-old relics to prove it, Slovakia is full of ancient folkways and wooden churches, as is the medieval capital Bratislava, a city easy to fall in love with.
Speckled with winsome riverfront cafes and narrow, winding streets, the city’s pleasant old town is topped with Bratislava Castle, St. Martin’s Cathedral and gothic attractions like that of St. Clare’s Church. The city is simply awash in charming architecture.
With nine national parks, it’s no wonder why Slovakian travel guides lead you straight toward its many natural wonders. In fact, the country’s gifted geographical formations are what make up most of the tourist sights here. A majority of Slovakia is swimming with rivers and lakes that carve out limestone caves (some of which are UNESCO-listed,) velvety valleys and Tatra Mountains, perfect for mountain climbers or winter sports enthusiasts.

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