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About Seychelles

From the snow-white beaches of Beau Vallon and Mahé to the uber-luxurious honeymoon hotels of Praslin, the colossal monocot trees and arched tiger chameleons of the Vallée de Mai to the Creole eateries and seafood joints of Victoria, the Seychelles remain one of the most brilliant and beautiful tropical destinations on the planet. Spattering the azure waters right in the middle of the Indian Ocean, this series of 115 islets is formed from ancient granite rocks that were once a section of the primeval mega continent Gondwana. And boy do they make for some handsome viewing. Clifftop walks through palm groves weave in and out of colossal boulders, the smells of Seychellois fish wafting down from the salt-washed shacks close to the sand. Meanwhile, a kaleidoscope of manta rays and corals, reef sharks and multi-coloured fish buzz around the underwater habitats of Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles tour guides take hikers to spot black parrots and soaring coco de mer canopies in the wilds, Curieuse paints a picture of Robinson Crusoe exoticism, and snorkelers pepper the shores from Petite Anse to Bathway. It’s all bucket list stuff!

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