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It was wonderful tour! We visited many very-very interesting and beautiful places. We saw wonderful views and ate very tasty food. I recommend this ... More more right

Review for Milan Gočmanac, Tour guide in Kraljevo, Serbia

I had an interesting day in Belgrade (Kalemegdan fortress and city center tour). Thank you Ana, for your time and great experience. More more right

Review for Ana Simic, Tour guide in Kraljevo, Serbia

Andrijanu cu pamtiti po vedrom duhu koji nas je obuzeo i upoznao sa carima Istanbula.Toliko posvecenosti, predanosti, ambicije da svoje klijente ... More more right

Review for Andrijana Parivodic, Tour guide in Kraljevo, Serbia

About Kraljevo

Just a three-hour bus ride from the capital at Belgrade, Kraljevo remains a somewhat off-the-beaten-path town, despite garnering UNESCO tags and wowing all who do happen to pass its way. Its timeless wealth of cultural treasures starts with the World Heritage Site of the Studenica Monastery, which dates from the 12th century and comes packed with gorgeous icons, Byzantine architectural flourishes, and of course, original frescos (the piece de resistance). Kraljevo tour guides also champion the red-hued exteriors of the Zica Monastery, built by the first king of Serbia, Stefan the First-Crowned, to became the coronation spot for all Serbian kings thereafter. A royal journey up winding paths through the purple Valley of Lilacs leads up to Maglic, a well preserved fortified town perched majestically atop a cliff. And once you're done with the history and culture, be sure to return to Kraljevo's kafanas (taverns) for a bout of traditional cuisine, or compete in the Merry Race (should you visit in July) against locals, who remain welcoming and local.

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