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About Taif

Perched up on the highlands of Saudi Arabia’s Mecca province, just east of the iconic holy city of the same name, Taif has long enjoyed one of the country’s most hospitable summer climates. Once the powerhouse of the country’s mountain tribes, the city passed hands throughout the medieval period, before being cultivated more recently as a de facto seasonal capital, where Saudi’s royals could go to escape the scorching heat of the lowlands.
Since its earliest beginnings, the city of Taif has been famed for its wealth of fertile agricultural land, and today the undulating fields of wheat, sprawling rows of fruit orchards and verdant valleys of wild flowers can be spied out encompassing the centre in the surrounding districts of Al Shafa and Al Hada. For the best views of the vistas around town though, most Taif tourist guides will recommend the newly-opened cable car (the largest in all of the Middle East), which takes guests to the Al Kar Tourist Village above town.
For a taste of local life, head to the old town district in the centre. Here, clusters of traditional eateries serve up Saudi fare, while lively little roadways wind their way pleasantly beneath the peaks.

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