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He is a good person and honest and he does his best to provide excellent service More more right

Review for Naif Azab, Tour guide in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Just spent a great few hours going all around Jeddah, old and new, with Ahmed. Everything was perfectly organized, and Ahmed is both super ... More more right

Review for Ahmad Aljuaed, Tour guide in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

About Riyadh

In a bold show of steel-clad skyscrapers and mirror-like towers that soar straight from its central district, Riyadh is a boisterous introduction to the modern side of Saudi Arabia. Ambitious builds like the great Kingdom Tower and sprawling shopping malls, bursting with haute fashion and swanky jewellery boutiques well represent it as one of the wealthiest cities in the world. And yet, it is a city of contrasts. Even today, Riyadh is a conservative place whose deep-rooted culture and traditions still have a big say in everyday society. Then again, right next to the glitz and glamour lie the historic relics of Masmak Fortress and the early 20th-century Murabba Palace, built in mudbrick to slot in with the other centuries-old constructions in the Old Town. And for something completely different from it all, Riyadh tour guides could lead you out to the deserts, where the stunning Wadi Hanifa carves through the Arabian landscapes for mile upon mile.

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