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Review for Naif Azab, Tour guide in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Review for Ahmad Aljuaed, Tour guide in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

About Jeddah

Located between the Red Sea and Mecca, Jeddah has been a port of pilgrimage and trading for centuries. Despite the industrial bustle that continues in Saudi Arabia’s commercial capital, Jeddah remains one of the nation’s most mesmerizingly laidback neighborhoods. Perhaps it’s the city’s coastal locale that attracts such a steady stream of visitors, as Red Sea waters roll over dive-worthy reefs to the fingertips of sandy beaches and luxurious seaside resorts. In fact, Jeddah Corniche is the nation’s largest waterfront area and boasts recently renovated restaurants, parks, and the world’s highest fountain!
Still, much of the city’s appeal lies more inland. Many a Jeddah tour guide showcase to visitors the traditional coral architecture remains in much of the older Al-Balad district, right in the heart of Jeddah. Urbanization co-exists alongside the established aesthetics, where high-end shopping malls and theme parks lie across town from the provincial souks. Though Jeddah blends old and new so seamlessly, tourists are prudently reminded of the city’s conservative expectation regarding dress and alcohol consumption.

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