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Saudi Arabia

From illustrious Mecca to the rolling dunes of the Arabian Desert, this oil-fed nation remains a truly off-the-beaten-track option. Discover its hidden secrets with a local guide from tourHQ.

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The birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad is the undisputed centre of the Islamic world. Explore the city and its iconic mosques and worshipping houses with the help of a local guide from tourHQ.

Hit the Jeddah Corniche for irresistible restaurants, get a tourHQ guide to reveal the shimmering Red Sea beaches, or simply enjoy the hustle and bustle of Saudi’s booming enterprise town.

Get a Saudi Arabia tour guide from tourHQ to help you discover the fine balance between the old and the new in skyscraper-topped Riyadh.

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Set amidst the beautiful highlands of Mecca, the city of Taif offers a respite from the scorching heat of Arabia. Delve into its sweeping agricultural lands and flower valleys with a tourHQ guide.

Explore the list of top ranked local tour guides in Abha. Get tour activities offered by tour companies and independent travel guides in Abha.

From Taif

Visit one of the most famous seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal, as I live stream to you from its white marble surrounds. We will walk around and see the monument from various angles to appreciate its architecture and intricate carvings that are unparalleled even today! The intricate ...

From USD 50 Per Screen
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Khamis Mushayt

Visit the villages with colourful buildings built of mud in a distinctive architectural style of the Asir region. Khamis Mushait and Ahad Rafidah will showcase Saudi Arabia's rich and long history through these mud houses. 

From USD 100 Per Person

Dahab, Sharm el Sheikh & Tiran Island

Spend an amazing day on Tiran Island, where you can swim or snorkel to explore the underwater sea world with its marvelous coral reefs, colorful fish, supernatural marines and more. Not to forget; the sunken ships of war times and their outrageous stories.

From USD 62.5 Per Person

Ras Mohammed National Park, Sharm el Sheikh & Tiran Island

Escape the hustle-bustle of city life and spend a day under the warm sun & try some sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling or diving in a crystal clear blue waters, the magical lagoons and the colourful coral reefs, waiting to be explored around a charming Island!

From USD 295 Per Person


Explore this volcanic crater, situated in the mysterious kingdom of Saudi Arabia on this private guided tour. Hike to the volcanic crater for spectacular views and enjoy tasting traditional cuisines, whilst returning from the crater.

From USD 400 Per Person


Visit the Taif Governorate's archaeological and historical sites. Many of the ancient monuments remain until the present day despite the erosion factors that have affected them. These monuments, which vary from ancient roads to dams, ponds, palaces, mosques, and souks, point to the periods of ...

From USD 429 Per Person


Visit this historical city of Mecca Province during the rose season and see the rose fields that surround the flower's factory here. Get a chance to look at some of the traditional distillation methods that are used to make rose water and perfume.

From USD 99 Per Person


Pay a visit to this city in the Makkah Province along the coast of the Red Sea, also a major urban centre in western Saudi Arabia. Visit popular attractions here- Open Museum, Al-Tibet city and the Red Sea Mall. 

From USD 120 Per Person

Medina & Badr

Visit the locations of the first Islamic battle that was led by the prophet Muhammad in present-day Saudi Arabia in 624 CE. Pay your respects to the martyrs of the battle in the cemetery, El-Arish Mosque, & the sacred well of Bir Ar Rowha. Also, have seafood in this hot desert town on this ...

From USD 357 Per Group


Visit several mosques within the holy city, including Quba Mosque, Mosque of the Two Tribes, Al-Fath Mosque and Al-Jumaa Mosque. Furthermore, uncover the significance of the Battle of Uhud.

From USD 96 Per Group

Medina, al Ula & Mada'in Saleh

Jump in to see to this wonder of the world, dating to the pre-Islamic times. View the city from the top of a mountain and visit the museum, which has kept the history alive to date. See the famous Elephant Mountain and drive through the desert. Also, visit the Jabal Al Ragssat filled with ...

From USD 2059 Per Group
From USD 2190 Per Person

al Ula

Jump in to see this wonder of the world, dating to the pre-Islamic times. View the city from the top of a mountain and visit the museum which has kept the history alive to date. See the famous Elephant Mountain and drive through the desert in a vehicle. Also, visit the Jabal Al Ragssat filled ...

From USD 988 Per Group

Damman, Khobar & Manama

Cruise your way in this cross country journey in a supremely comfortable SUV. Survey the major tourist hotspots in town, ride along the coast, swill aromatic coffee and shop till you drop at stunning shopping malls. 

From USD 250 Per Group


Indulge all your senses in an exhilarating mix of heritage and traditions which will surely captivate you right from the moment you set feet in this Saudi city and scout its streets and monuments for an unprecedented experience. 

From USD 400 Per Group

Jeddah, Mecca & Medina

Set your feet through the holy, offer your prayers and ask for the blessings of the almighty as you visit highly revered mosques. Be delighted by stunning art pieces at premier museums and sink your teeth deep in local delicacies. 

From USD 915 Per Person

Jeddah & Mecca

Visit the historical monuments of the city such as the Masjid Aisha and Makkah Holy Mosque, where you can perform Umrah. Walk around the Two Holy Mosques Architecture Exhibition and try the local dishes to fully experience the city. 

From USD 450 Per Group


Meet the capital and most populous city of Saudi Arabia. Its popular landmarks include the Masmak Fortress, Al-Dira Souk, National Museum, King Abdulaziz historical centre, Landmarks' Park, Ministery of Defense Museum, and many more.

From USD 212 Per Group


Travel to Saudi Arabia's Zeeta region, popular for its sand dunes, rocky hills and the Teeb Al Ism Pathway, which is a natural trail running from the Bid’ side through the mountains to the sea. It is an ideal site for the mountain.

From USD 1200 Per Group

Tabuk, Duba & Makna

Check out the Al-Zeeta Mountains, Al Moelh Ottomanin Castle, 12 Springs of Prophet Moses, Abdu Aziz Castel, Al Disah Valley, and historic cities along the way. Find the Nabataean and Arabic wall writings in Kufic script. 

From USD 2750 Per Group


Surround yourself with blossoming roses as you spend the day in a tranquil environment in the city along with having several historical places and palaces to visit. Get guided by an expert tour guide and dig into the traditional cuisine of the city. 

From USD 100 Per Person


Explore the beauty of the city of the Red Sea and its incredible landmarks like Al Hamra, Open Museum of Sculptures, King Fahd's Fountain and Museum of Home Arts. Also, take a tour of the Corniche.

From USD 961 Per Group

Yanbu & Taif

Enjoy Jeddah amidst beautiful memories and dreams, and the province of Taif that is full of archaeological and historical sites!

From USD 984 Per Person


Enjoy the highlights of Jeddah amidst beautiful memories!

From USD 450 Per Person


Visit Yanbu Province - one of the oldest ports and the second in the industry. Witness the most beautiful coral reef sites that are characterized by the availability of wonderful cruises and contain the historical town and farms and old springs with a varied and distinctive tourist ...

From USD 418 Per Person


Spend a charming day in the city of Abha. Find locations and historical monuments; in addition to a lot of popular markets, that will enable you to buy the most beautiful souvenirs, antiques, and popular costumes. Travelling to Abha is definitely worthwhile as it is one of the most beautiful ...

From USD 429 Per Person


Explore Hail - the key to the desert, the bride of the North, and the cradle of Arab generosity. Welcome to the area that embodies love in its topography, where the mountains of Aja and Selma; as exemplified by the presence and generosity in its ancient history and the city of Hatem ...

From USD 1678 Per Person

al Ula

Savour this wonderful trip with opportunities to star gaze, ride buggies, go on a treasure hunt, admire Elephant Rock, trek to Black and White Crater, visit a farm, find the swimming pool between the mountains, and watch the amazing sunset. 

From USD 1200 Per Person


Come to The Edge of the World. Standing atop the 1,000-foot high escarpment at Jabal Fihrayn, you will find stretching before you an uninterrupted view of the horizon in all directions, leaving you with the impression that you are, indeed, standing at the very edge of the ...

From USD 280 Per Person


A tourist trip organized in order to make a visit to the Shafa‘s Heights, This trip includes a mountaineering activity accompanied by a specialized tour guide, hospitality and a popular lunch or dinner

From USD 275 Per Group
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A licensed tour guide in working with tour groups and individuals I love photography and safaris ...


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Simple,love to travel,love to listen music, 

I am from Pakistan Urdu punjabi Arbic ...

I'm Tourist Guide  from Pakistan. I'm working in Saudi Arabia since 2016

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