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Ten of us booked a tour with James in early February when we went on a cruise. We cannot say enough how much we enjoyed this tour. We went to a ... More more right

Review for James Tours, Tour guide in Castries, Saint Lucia

About Castries

As hulking cruise liners drift in and out of Castries's ports, the city continually resets itself for the next influx of visitors. The streets that line the jetties are all lit up in Carib colors: sun yellow, sky blue and whitewash with an overtone of the colonial. In essence though, this town exudes a more modern energy than other regional capitals. It's packed with duty-free shopping and banks, while Castries tour guides continually offer expeditions out to the other, more photographed areas of the isle. Just a smidgen to the south of town is the lichen-covered fortress of Morne Fortune, while a little to the north, fringing the very runways of Vigie Airport, powdery sands and swaying coconut palms beckon. So take some time to wander the blocks, seeking out the Anglo-esque cathedral and hitting the bargain boutiques, all before making a beeline for the resorts of Gros Islet and shimmering sands of La Toc.

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