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About Saint Lucia

Life between the two Pitons is a laid-back affair; a medley of jungles and volcanic mountains, breathtaking vistas and beaches so white they seem unreal. Yes sir, there’s something about this truly wonderful enclave of the Caribbean that sets it apart from other destinations in the region. The oldest town of Soufriere bubbles with mud pits, hot springs, waterfalls and charcoal stews of Arawak fruit and vegetables that make the taste buds tingle. Castries pulses with the energy of endless cruise ship crowds who throng the capital city to explore its historical sights and markets. The yacht laden blue waters of the Marigot Bay and the luxurious powdery sands of Sugar Beach rarely fail to impress, while tiny fishing villages have their own offerings too; Anse-le-Ray showcases dug out fishing in canoes, while Gros Islet transforms into carnival land on Fridays. Delving into St Lucia’s rainforest affords a chance to see primeval woods and gushing waterfalls, multi-coloured orchids and squawking jacquot parrots. And for the intrepid visitors, Saint Lucia tour guides lead hiking trip to the tips of the soaring Gros Piton, as well as catamaran tours and snorkelling explorations on the protected reaches of Pigeon Island to the north. This tropical land clearly has something for virtually every type of traveler!

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