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About Saint Kitts and Nevis

The smallest standalone state in all of Latin America is a real charmer. Rolling from the sinewy green tops of Mount Liamuiga on Kitts to the elegant post-colonial towns of little Nevis, the duo of islands that form the whole is a magnet for everyone from eco tourists, early-morning yogis and hikers, to beach bums and history buffs. Like much of the Caribbean, the archipelago was caught in the midst of colonial battles, flitting between Spanish, British and French control after Columbus arrived in the 13th century. Hence, in the onetime French colonial hub at Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis tour guides also showcase a collection of defiantly English architecture, all blending beautifully in the cultural setting of a friendly laid back Caribbean lifestyle. Away from the capital of St Kitts, the UNESCO attested Brimstone Hill Fortress offers the best panoramic views on the island, while along the coast travelers can seek out hidden beach bars at Frigate Bay and the famous diving spots of Friars Bay and Turtle Bar. Nevis is still the nature seeker’s paradise, characterised by aged sugarcane plantations from centuries gone by, and hiking trails that weave their way up through hot springs and coral rich beaches to the tips of the country’s clutch of volcanos.

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