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Full-Day Tour To Medina Al Munawwarah
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    Group Tour

  • Tour Types

    Religious, History, Museum

  • Duration

    8 Minutes

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  • Language

    Arabic, English


Embark on this soulful journey and explore one of the two holiest cities of Islam- Medina or Al Medina Al Munawwarah, meaning the Enlightened City. Admire the beautiful mosques of Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq and Al-Ghamama Mosque, and visit the mosque built by the Prophet Muhammad, Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi. Learn about the history and heritage of Medina at the Dar Al Madinah Museum and stroll through its local Islamic markets.

  • Explore the important religious sites of the sacred Medina
  • Visit Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi, a mosque built by the Prophet Muhammad
  • See Al-Baqi', the first Islamic cemetery in Medina
  • Learn about the history of Medina at the Dar Al Madinah Museum
  • Offer your prayers at The Seven Mosques 
  • Stroll through the local market near the mosque
  • Explore the Religious Beauty of Medina expand_more
    • Meet the tour guide at the hotel or any other meeting point and visit the following places:
      • Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi: a mosque built by the Prophet Muhammad
      • Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq: the mosque of the great companion
      • Omar Ibn Al-Khattab: the mosque of the great companion
      • Al-Ghamama Mosque: the cloud that protected the Prophet from the sun
      • Al-Baqi', the first Islamic cemetery of Medina in the Hejazi region
      • Local gift shops and the central market near the mosque
      • Uhud Mountain: Land of The Battle of Uhud, the second Battle in Islam 
      • Grave of Hamza ibn Abdul-Muttalib (lord of martyrs) and Archers' Hill
      • Dar Al Madinah Museum: It exhibits Al-Madina heritage and history, featuring different archaeological collections
      • Masjid Al Qiblatayn, changed the Qibla from Jerusalem to Mecca
      • The Seven Mosques: a complex of six small historic and often visited mosques in Medina
      • The Hejaz Railway Museum (if open)
      • Masjid Quba: its first stones were positioned by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
      • Ethq Well: a historical farm
      • AlAalyah Farm: one of the best farms in Madinah
    • Return to the hotel.
What's Included
  • Tour guide service
  • Transportation
  • Drinks and snacks
What's Excluded
  • Accommodation
  • Museum tickets
  • Any other expenses
  • Food (based on request; extra charge)   
What to bring
  • Abaya for women
  • Sun hat
  • Copy of ID or passport
Know before you go
  • Medina is one of Islam’s two holiest cities, making it a key destination for millions of pilgrims travelling to Saudi Arabia for Hajj or Umrah. The city is centred around Al Masjid al Nabawi, also known as the Prophet’s Mosque, which was constructed by the Prophet himself and is also where he is buried. Medina is where the Prophet Muhammad lived and taught after the migration from Makkah in 622 A.D., called Hijrah. This year is so important in the history of Islam that it marks the start of the Islamic calendar. Although the city’s name is usually written as Medina in English, its full name is Al Medina Al Munawwarah, meaning “the Enlightened City.” Because of the city’s pivotal role in the Prophet Muhammad’s life, making a trip to Medina is a lifelong dream for many Muslims.
  • Please note:
    • Islamic traditions must be respected.
    • Women are not allowed to wear short dresses.
    • Smoking is not allowed around Islamic sites.
    • Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter mosques.
Meeting Point

Medina Saudi Arabia

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations upto 2 days before the tour -

Refund of 50% of the tour price.
Price Details
1 To 10 USD 100 Per Person
11 To 20 USD 90 Per Person
21 To 30 USD 80 Per Person

This is a group tour

Private Tour Price USD 600
Maximum no. of people 6
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USD 100 / person

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