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About Rwanda

Rwanda is the cloud garden of Africa as a whole; a high-perched land of undulating valleys and moss-green forest canopies that extends for mile upon mile through the very heart of the continent, sprouting colossal volcanic ridges and gorilla-peppered massifs as it goes; from beginning to end a picture of quintessential tropical wilds. Many people flock here for the chance to see one of the world’s most endangered species of primates, the elusive Mountain Gorilla, all now hemmed into small enclaves of the misty Parc National des Volcans. Trips can be expensive, and eager adventurers should be sure to ask their Rwanda tourist guide about the various excursions on offer. Other great musts include the sandy beaches and verdant isles of Lake Kivu in the west, and the dense undergrowth and thickets of wild Nyungwe to the south, while anyone interested in unravelling the dark history of this much-troubled nation, should be sure to do the rounds of Kigali’s museums and monuments.   

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