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About Russia

One glance at a map of Russia might have you overwhelmed at the sheer size of the terrain; how can a foreign traveler even begin to get a sense of its infinite landscapes? A spin of the globe will render this part of the world one immense blur that dominates its counterparts. But it’s no optical illusion: Russia is by far the largest country in the world, and it takes a place of this grandeur to fit in all the contradictions that make it one unforgettable destination.
No one writes off Russia. Whether you’re attracted to its romantic writers, rocky history or rich present (it’s home to more billionaires than anywhere else) this country has the flare to thrill the fussiest of travellers. The iconic capital of Moscow is almost 1,000 years old and has just as many sights to keep travellers’ itineraries tight. From the golden orbs of the Kremlin to the colourful towers of Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the city’s spotless attractions seem as if they were dreamed into fruition by a whimsical architect of the modern day.