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About Tulcea

Tulcea marks the point where the great snaking Danube finally fans out into a delta before hitting the Black Sea. It's the river’s waters that define all aspects of this town, with one final massive meander of central Europe's largest river cutting right through its centre. It forms a crooked promenade of bobbing boats and ferries, which continually arrive and depart with travelers eager to see the canal-crossed fishing city of Sulina, or even mountain-shrouded Sfantu Gheorghe out below the Bodoc Mountains in the west. Back in Tulcea itself, the visitor's center and museum is dedicated to the Danube delta too; after all this UNESCO World Heritage Site is the most popular attraction here. Tulcea tour guides also walk travelers around the lively Romanian cantinas and tall churches on Strada Babadag and Strada Isaccei before leading day trips out to enjoy panoramic views at Enisala, bird watching at Jurilovca and the monasteries around Niculitel.