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Fantastic tour! Tiberiu is very knowledgable and professional, but also very friendly and enjojable to be with. Cannot give him a high enough ... More more right

Review for Tiberiu Mateiu, Tour guide in Sibiu, Romania

Geta arranged for Florin Merciu to be our guide and we couldn't have asked for a better replacement. He was very knowledgable about the areas we ... More more right

Review for Geta Felvinti, Tour guide in Sibiu, Romania

During our trip to Romania we had a few tour guides over one week period. By far, none of them could compare to Kartsi (Charlie). He was beyond ... More more right

Review for Kartsi Balázs, Tour guide in Sibiu, Romania

About Sibiu

Affluent and charming Sibiu sits in the very heartlands of Romanian Transylvania, rising in terraces of red-tiled roofs, webs of cobbled roadways and lines of pretty medieval homes against the white peaks of the Cindrel Mountains. With its long history of Germanic influence and Austro-Hungarian rule, the town exudes a noticeably western vibe, while doing well to cling to Romanian traditionalism between the steaming bowls of Ciorba broth and the sprawling national collections of the Brukenthal Museum.
Anyone interested in unravelling the histories that so alluringly ooze from every apse and archway of the old town here should ask their Sibiu tourist guide for walking tours of the medieval citadel and the Germanic buildings of the upper and lower centres, or the stories behind the Liars’ Bridge. There is then an open air museum that is a must see amongst the collection of the city’s informative museums, an exceedingly active cultural scene churning out festivals, theatre and exhibitions, and the cafes by the squares that offer ample opportunity to have a chat with Sibiu’s laid back locals. Those interested in heading further afield can look to Sibiu as a great jump off point for exploring sylvan Transylvania, with its hilltop castles and mysterious churches; or make their way to the Paltinis ski resort, Romania’s highest, and a veritable mecca for budget skiers looking for a spot in the Southern Carpathians.