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About Iasi

Iasi is the cultural powerhouse of the Romanian east, fuelled continually by its prestigious array of art galleries and museums, and booming population of students both domestic and foreign. It can be found nestled in the heartlands of the Moldavia region, hemmed in by seven legendary hills that play host to some of its most striking sights – from the Orthodox rises of the Cetatuia Monastery, to the exquisite lawns and flower beds of the city’s Botanic Gardens.

Away from the hillsides, central Iasi is a curious mishmash of old post-Soviet tenements concealing a veritable wealth of subterranean beer halls, the prestigious buildings of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University (the oldest in all of Romania), and other sightseeing gems, like the city’s Palace of Culture and its concomitant museum exhibitions, or the revered Metropolia Church with its crowds of travelling Romani pilgrims. And when night-time comes and the city’s students take the helm, be sure to ask your Iasi tour guide for tips on the best open-air bars around Copou Park, or the thumping clubs on the Boulevard Stefan cel Mare.