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About Constanta

Constanta’s Black Sea locale maintains an imperative role in Romania’s trade, as well as an obviously charming portside neighborhood. As one of the country’s warmest cities, Constanta’s coast welcomes all who stroll it to watch the sun set on Black Sea waters and relax below the Romanian sun. Though easy as it may be to get lost in the port’s leisure, your Constanta tour guide would encourage a visit to one of the area’s wonderful museums and plentiful restaurants. Boasting the regions most authentically delicious eateries, dining in Constanta should be done with equally highs levels of frequency and enthusiasm. 

Though the city provides must-see views of the sea, it is nearby Mamaia that draws in the many throes of sunbathers to its’ beachside shores. Just fifteen minutes away by taxi or bus, Mamaia is the country’s most luxuriously popular beach town. Its’ close proximity has brought many tourists to Constanta for less expensive and more peaceful lodging, while still enjoying the nearby resort-drenched city. 

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