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Review for Geta Felvinti, Tour guide in Cluj Napoca, Romania

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About Cluj Napoca

Spiked at the centre by the formidable turret of St. Michael's Church, Cluj Napoca commands its place at the very heartlands of Romanian Transylvania with a pot pourri of elegant Baroque buildings and one of the most culturally endowed metropolitan scenes in the country.

If you are looking to delve straight into the thick layers of Romanian heritage offered by this town, then be sure to ask your Cluj Napoca tour guide about the fascinating gothic effigy of Matei Corvin at Union square, the historical buildings peppering the lively café scene at Museum Square, the onion domes of the city’s Orthodox Cathedral, its sprawling Botanical Gardens, or the soaring viewpoints now offered by the old rises of Fortress Hill.

But it’s not all architecture in Cluj either, and thanks in part to the thousands of students that call the city their home, guests here enjoy everything from smoky subterranean blues bars to stylish super clubs sprawled out over several floors, not to mention one of the most culturally packed events calendars in Romania, with everything from the Transylvanian Film Festival, to the European Night of the Museums and Autumn time Jazz Fest erupting in the town.