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Review for Kartsi Balázs, Tour guide in Brasov, Romania

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Review for Vlad Ilie, Tour guide in Brasov, Romania

5 star... Dependable, punctual, quite informative & personable...this man is going places, pun intended. I was most impressed with his professional ... More more right

Review for Dan Nica, Tour guide in Brasov, Romania

About Brasov

Nestled between the sylvan valleys and rolling hills of the central Transylvanian plateau, in the shadow of the mighty Carpathian Range, the city of Brasov is a truly picturesque affair that’s loaded with all the ubiquitous European attractions. No wonder the city is the most popular in the whole Romania, a delight of travellers and filming crews alike.

Be sure to explore the Germanic squares of Piata Sfatului that form the town centre under the bulwarks of the grand Citadel. Here, the old Town Hall (now housing the city museum) and various orthodox churches, the most famous being its Black Church, stand watch over the city’s bustling cafés and subterranean Bavarian beer halls. Your Brasov tour guide will next lead you to the historic Union Square, home to the fairy-tale spires of the St. Nicholas Church, and kingpin of the charming Șcheii Brașovului district; a place of lichen-peppered graveyards, Old World homes and pretty red-tiled roofs that rise up neatly to the rugged Solomon Cliffs.

Away from the town, why not make a jaunt through the Aleea Tiberiu Brediceanu to hike up the Tampa Mountain, or lose yourself between the chilling bulwarks of Dracula's Castle, or even carve out snow tracks on the pistes of Poiana Braşov—sitting amidst the pine trees and looming castles of the greater region.