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Mr. Rosca organized a weekend tour for me and my friends this April; the trip included hiking the mountains around the town of Herculane, and boat ... More more right

Review for Daniel Rosca, Tour guide in Arad, Romania

About Arad

The wide and elegant, 19th-century imperialist, neo-classical fanfare that is Revolution Boulevard – the main drag of Arad – might just be the perfect introduction to Romania for travelers who've just hopped across from Szeged or other nearby towns in Hungary. While most will simply stopover for a night before delving deeper into the misty ridges of fabled Transylvania, a couple of days can easily be filled by flitting between the half-timbered Saxon mansions and the great turret-tops of Fagarov Castle (it seriously looks like something out of Dracula set). There are churches and architectural monuments to see as well, while at night some student bars buzz with crowds that move between earthy Romanian taverns, eating the occasional bowl of paprika-infused goulash with dumplings. It's also a good idea to quiz your Arad tour guide on trips to the beautiful (and off-the-beaten-track) Mures Floodplain Natural Park, which has some great trails through riparian woods – keep an eye out for the foxes, deer and European polecats…