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About Alba Lulia

It's the great bulwarks of the Alba Carolina Citadel that draw the eye in Alba Iulia. Soaring high atop the city streets, this colossal fortress has been continuously built and rebuilt since the Hungarian kings ruled this part of Transylvania. It's seen battles between Turks and Catholic defenders, and has been settled by the Germanic Saxons over the centuries, imbuing the whole place with a truly eclectic line-up of cultural treats. The main focal point, and where Alba lulia tour guides will spend most time unravelling the city's treasures, is the so-called Upper Town. This elegant place is packed with Habsburg-era facades and Italian castle architecture, while cobbled lanes lead up to gorgeous cathedrals and Orthodox Christian onion domes. The National Unification Museum marks another of Alba Iulia's achievements. It was here, in 1918, that Transylvania officially became a part of greater Romania. The town is also surrounded by rolling farm fields and sylvan hills to the north, while the mighty Carpathian ranges tower to the south.