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About Romania

Only joining the European Union in 2007, Romania is an enchanting blend of serene antiquity and bustling cityscapes. In less urban regions, expansive fortresses lay on sprawling green lands and cobblestone roads lead to secret garden squares. Dense forestation and winding Carpathian mountain peaks weave through farmland and villages, where surreal stone churches and century-old buildings maintain a steady existence in this ever-evolving nation. Meanwhile, cities like Bucharest and Iasi see thriving cultural movement progress around medieval architecture. Modern exhibits and amenities find home in these urban areas, with backdrops as charming today as the day they were built those centuries ago.
Your Romania tour guide will tell you the country is Orthodox; church services are as much a part of the religion as they are the culture, and a wonderful way to experience the local lifestyle. For a less conservative indulgence in Romanian living, take a day of leisure at the beach; topless sunbathing and thong bikinis are common attire. So, grab your speedo and book your flight for the vacation of a lifetime today!

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