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8 Days Haunted tour itinerary for Brasov, Sighisoara & Alba Iulia: Dracula Tour In Romania

Brasov, Sighisoara, Alba Iulia

Haunted Tour
Kid-friendly Tour
Museum Tour
Authentic Experience in Romania
Dracula Tour in Romania

Discover the places that have inspired the vampire stories and the legend of Dracula in this mysterious tour. Also, have a chance to visit the historical and best-preserved monuments that spread out the history of Dracula.

DAY 01


  • Welcome to Bucharest, a city first certified in documents contemporary with Vlad Țepeș, the prince whose personality and deeds inspired the legends of Dracula. If you really want to find out how someone who can give rise to such a dramatic story as that of Count Dracula, you need to know the truth about Vlad Tepes Voivod, the descendant of an ancient Romanian family, chased by curses, an idealist and the ever-present prototype of the adamant legislator.

  • On our first evening, you will enjoy a genuine Romanian experience in a famous restaurant specialized in local cuisine.

DAY 02

Heading to Târgoviște

  • We step into the heart of Romania, heading to Târgoviște, the capital of the region called Walachia in the Middle Ages.

  • Back in the day when violence was common practice, Prince Vlad Țepeș managed to frighten Europe with his cruelty. We’ll discover his ancestors, his legend in this Dracula tour.

  • Later, we climb the 1480 steps up to Poenari Castle, also known as the Vlad Țepeș Castle.

DAY 03

Continue the dracula tour

  • Continuing the Dracula tour, today we’ll see places where the beauty of the landscapes chases away any thoughts associated with vampire stories. However, in this part of the world the popular legends speaking of more, the local name for vampires, are stronger than anywhere. Strange rituals and a well-concealed fear are part of the local’s existence.

  • Later we reach the city of Sibiu, where about 600 years ago, helped by Gutenberg’s intervention, the noblemen, and merchants spread out the history of Dracula. A carriage drives through one of the greatest open-air museums in Europe is the perfect opportunity to see local customs and architecture.

DAY 04

Visit the Corvin Castle

The life of the Romanian Prince was all adventure and drama. 

  • Today we shall visit the Corvin Castle. The Castle, displaying an impressive Gothic architecture which was the place where Vlad Țepeș was briefly imprisoned by Corvin, the rival family.

  • We’ll then visit another monument, closely related to Romania’s medieval history, the best-preserved defense fortress in Romania: Alba Carolina Fortress.

DAY 05

Reach Sighișoara

It is inevitable that the Gothic architecture of Transylvanian monuments should inspire in travelers a mixture of admiration and a sense of awe. 

  • We experience such feelings when facing the Fortified Church of Biertan, for instance, encircled by three rounds of walls, dominating the surroundings from afar. 

  • We then reach Sighișoara, whence the origins of Dracula emerged, his family name being Dracula ( In Ro., Dracula means devil or devilish creature). Here, the medieval feel is more pervasive than anywhere else, inspired by century-old buildings and narrow winding cobblestone streets. 

  • We enter the medieval atmosphere by participating in a traditional dinner with dishes cooked on recipes dating back hundreds of years.

DAY 06

Fortress visits

We remain in Transylvania, the land populated – by Hollywood producers at least – with vampires and monsters, which in fact hides stories much more frightening than those made up by screenwriters. It was in search of these stories that Prince Charles from of Great Britain came to visit Romania, his favorite area being Viscri, a small traditional Romanian village.

 Day 6 from Dracula tour has prepared beautiful objectives: 

  • Bran Castle, which has entered the top of the world’s spookiest places as The Dracula Castle.

  • We then visit the Râșnov Fortress, the place where history and legend gave birth to such awe-inspiring stories.

DAY 07

Visit Walachia

  • We leave behind the historic region of Transylvania and enter Walachia, the land where Vlad Țepeș reigned; his brief age of glory changed the very history of Romania.

  • Next, we’ll visit one of the most beautiful castles in Europe, a creation of the last representatives of the Romanian royalty.

  • We then reach a unique place, Iulia Hașdeu’s Castle, a true esoteric center, built according to directions received during spiritism sessions by Hașdeu, from his prematurely deceased daughter.

DAY 08


  • Having acquired more truths and fewer questions, we leave behind Romania and its amazing history.

  • 578 EUR Per Adult (* for 7 pers)
  • 601 EUR Per Adult (* for 8-9 pers)
  • 624 EUR Per Adult (* for 6 pers)
  • 692 EUR Per Adult (* for 5 pers)
  • 767 EUR Per Adult (* for 3 pers)
  • 792 EUR Per Adult (* for 4 pers)
  • 1005 EUR Per Adult (* for 2 pers)
  • 1853 EUR Per Adult (* for 1 pers)
  • Transfer Airport-Hotel-Airport

  • Accommodation for 7 nights

  • Private english speaking guide

  • Entrance fees for the sights included in itinerary

  • Transport by private car/coach

  • Airline tickets

  • Travel insurance

  • Meals, other than mentioned in the itinerary and alcoholic beverages

  • Entrance fees to monuments/sights other than those mentioned in the itinerary

  • Various expenses such as room service, beverages, personal calls, souvenirs, etc.

Brasov, Sighisoara, Alba Iulia

Haunted Tour
Kid-friendly Tour
Museum Tour

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