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About Qatar

From the earthy Arab souks to the shifting sands of the backcountry, Qatar is a true wonder of the region. This is a land where visitors can see the desert cascade into the salty sea, behold meticulously designed skyscrapers next to the belching sprawl of oil fields, witness the UFO-like outline of Doha become consumed by the vast Khor al Adaid, and watch Armani-touting fashionistas flock to the mosques of Abdul Wahhab and Omar Bin al Khattab (when the Adhan echoes throughout the dusty climes). Otherworldly yet indelibly beautiful, fast-paced yet unflinchingly traditional, Qatar is home to worldly investors and tribal Bedouins, ostrich farmers and grand emirs alike. Its modern cities are balanced with the likes of crumbling Zubarah Fort, its scorching summer heat made easier by the promise of waterskiing and swimming in the Persian Gulf. Hospitable locals and Qatar tour guides proudly tout their local tradition of hummus and hookah pipes, while a multicultural edge adds everything from Indian curries to British fish and chips to the mix. In short, this country of the sands rarely fails to enthrall!

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