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About Puerto Rico

The “Island of Enchantment”, Puerto Rico, has an impeccable reputation among snowbirds on vacation, and for good reason. Sun-kissed beaches, sandy cliffs that cascade into turquoise waters and tropical islands beyond that, Puerto Rico is the perfect place to get your relaxation on.
The capital San Juan has a remarkably intact colonial centre rich in cultural flare, with the sea serving as a backdrop to colourful churches, cobblestone streets and leafy plazas. Like the country they call home, Puerto Ricans are spirited, sassy and full of personality - these people definitely know how to party! Salsa music blasts from classic cars on the main thoroughfares, and the nightlife scene leaves nothing to be desired for a visiting foreigner looking for fun.
For a quieter getaway, travel guides to Puerto Rico will waste no time in recommending El Yunque Rainforest Reserve as the only tropical forest in the US national park system. Whether you’re looking for a tranquil bird-watching tour or a challenging climb up the Luquillo Mountains, there’s no chance you’ll leave this green paradise disappointed.

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