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Friendly and fun people, all the tours were very well organized, it was a great escape. More more right

Review for Portugal Travel Center , Tour guide in Serra de Sintra, Portugal

José. We miss you so much. Over the 6 days we spent together we formed a very special bond with you. You are a wonderful person both inside and out. ... More more right

Review for Jose Cardoso, Tour guide in Serra de Sintra, Portugal

We enjoyed 2 days of touring with Catarina in Lisbon and other attractions around the city. She is a great tour guide. More more right

Review for Catarina Domingos , Tour guide in Serra de Sintra, Portugal

About Serra de Sintra

When most travellers behold the misty, coastal rises of the verdant Serra de Sintra, they see why so many ancient myths and legends have coalesced in this corner of western Portugal. For centuries it’s been a place of haunted hilltop castles, vast and undiscovered underground cities and ghostly, godly inhabitants, hailed by the Romans as the hunting ground of the mythological Diana.
After the Romans came the Moors, who stamped their mark on the high hills of the Serra de Sintra with the iconic bulwarks, battlements and turrets of the formidable Castelo dos Mouros, in Santa Maria e Sao Miguel—an undisputed must see of the region. Then came the imperial Portuguese, leaving hidden gems amidst the hills, like the vine-clad Convent of the Capuchos or the soaring Shrine of Peninha near the sea.
The area is a haven for hikers and outdoorsy types too, and anyone interested in exploring the really wild side of this westernmost European range, should be sure to ask their Serra de Sintra tour guide for tips on the walking trails and ridge routes that cut inward from the coast.

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