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Rogerio we like to thank you for your guidance the car. A must lol and the friendship during our October 2019 tour of Spain Rogerio attendad to ... More more right

Review for Rogerio Cavalinhos, Tour guide in Porto, Portugal

Friendly and fun people, all the tours were very well organized, it was a great escape. More more right

Review for Portugal Travel Center , Tour guide in Porto, Portugal

José. We miss you so much. Over the 6 days we spent together we formed a very special bond with you. You are a wonderful person both inside and out. ... More more right

Review for Jose Cardoso, Tour guide in Porto, Portugal

About Porto

Packaged together on the soft banks of the Douro River and set to the splashing sounds of the estuary tides, the haphazard medieval buildings of Porto’s downtown gleam in hues of red and yellow, orange and turquoise in the Atlantic sun. They’ve stood here for centuries, under the gothic apses of the Sao Francisco Basilica, in the shadow of the majestic baroque Clerigos Church, and as the art nouveau Dom Luís Bridge was built up around them, all the while playing witness to the mercantile might of Porto ebb and flow through its waterways and harbours.
With such a history it’s not surprising that most guests here head straight for the UNESCO-attested old town of Ribeira, where it’s possible to wander aimlessly for hours amidst the mysterious shadows of grand steeples and spires to boot. Across the river, the famous port bars of the city cluster around the banks, where guests are invited to try a tipple of the region’s most famous alcoholic export while watching the sun fade over the colourful houses of the Douro valley.
But this is a place perhaps most famed for its romantic side, and couples should be sure to ask their Porto tour guide about the loved-up spots on the waterside proms, or the famous Parisian Café Majestic, where chandeliers and dark coffee intermingle to create an atmosphere like no other.

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