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Will take it next year. Guide leader correspondence on the issue was clear, concise, helpful. We are looking forward to seeing Lisbon with him. More more right

Review for Lisbontukme , Tour guide in Lisbon, Portugal

For the days that we were with the tour guide,  we felt comfortable and felt that he was a member of our family.  Rui was very ... More more right

Review for Avenidas , Tour guide in Lisbon, Portugal

Rogerio we like to thank you for your guidance the car. A must lol and the friendship during our October 2019 tour of Spain Rogerio attendad to ... More more right

Review for Rogerio Cavalinhos, Tour guide in Lisbon, Portugal

About Lisbon

Rising against the deep blue of the Tagus River and the vast Atlantic, lovely Lisbon is a picture-perfect image of European grandeur complete with all the sprawling baroque palaces, aged basilicas and winding cobbled streets you’d expect of three-millennium old city that was once on the very forefront of the post-medieval Age of Discovery.
Culture seekers are rarely disappointed with the capital’s mixed offering of world-class museums (check the Gulbenkian Museum and the Culturgest exhibition space), grand and magnificent monuments (be sure to ask your Lisbon tour guide for the low down on sights around Belem and Chiado), and lively downtown jazz joints, where locals can be found sipping strong coffees to the din of traditional fado tunes.
What’s more, after dark Lisbon’s tight-knit streets throb with the rhythmic sounds of underground clubs or hidden music bars, all strewn across the city from Bairro Alto to quirky little Santos. Don’t leave without joining the Lisboan locals for a shindig there!

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