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About Lagos

Countless holidaymakers, both young and old, outdoorsy and hedonistic, wax lyrical about the delights of Lagos. Enfolded by a coastline of carved calanques and craggy peaks, boasting its own wide strip of sand within walking distance of the centre, and bathed in the almost-perpetual sun of the Algarve, it’s easy to see why!

The Ponta da Piedade is the biggest draw here, its unique sandstone cliff formations rich with grottos and caves that can be explored by land or sea. The town also packs in a hefty cultural punch, with 16th-century city fortifications encircling picturesque churches and piazzas connected by cobbled lanes. Then of course, comes the nocturnal side of things; be sure to ask your Lagos tour guide about the best bars to hit for bottomless sangria punch and cocktails with the city's resident crowd of suntanned partiers. Hangover? No worries, a bout of swimming in the salty waters of Meia Praia, or some strenuous sea kayaking between the bays the morning after is sure to cure all!

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