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Tony  was wonderful! He went out of his way to accommodate our timetable and show us as much as he can using all our time to the last minute. ... More more right

Review for Maria Lucia De Afonseca, Tour guide in Funchal, Portugal

About Funchal

Isolated in the swells of the Atlantic Ocean, the island of Madeira has long been one of Portugal’s most picturesque destinations, and Funchal, its capital, doesn’t disappoint. This town is oft-hailed as one of the prettiest in the country, where a fabric of white-washed colonial frontispieces and red-tiled roofs but up neatly to the azure blue of the ocean, while its wealth of botanical gardens and leafy parks do well to thread spurts of greenery throughout.
Hopping between the old churches and cathedrals can be great fun here, and those interested in seeing all the best sights should ask their Funchal tourist guide for a route around the downtown and adjoining districts that includes the grand Colegio Church and it’s gold-hued interior, and the pretty little Santa Clara Convent, with its azure displays of Portuguese azulejo.
Soaring high above the town and offering up some fantastic panoramas of Madeira’s mountainous heart and the coast along the way, the Teleférico do Funchal is an absolute must for view seekers and photographers, while foodies would do well to wander the central Mercado Dos Lavradores, sampling mangos and avocado along the way.

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