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Rogerio we like to thank you for your guidance the car. A must lol and the friendship during our October 2019 tour of Spain Rogerio attendad to ... More more right

Review for Rogerio Cavalinhos, Tour guide in Evora, Portugal

Friendly and fun people, all the tours were very well organized, it was a great escape. More more right

Review for Portugal Travel Center , Tour guide in Evora, Portugal

José. We miss you so much. Over the 6 days we spent together we formed a very special bond with you. You are a wonderful person both inside and out. ... More more right

Review for Jose Cardoso, Tour guide in Evora, Portugal

About Evora

A picturesque medieval town in Portugal, Evora is the quintessential existence of old European charm in today’s modern world. Fourteenth century impeccably preserved walls run around an equally enchanting old city, where narrow pathways meander through ornate cathedrals and postcard-worthy squares. The roman ruins nearby showcase an equally quaint view of Evora’s charisma; to see it all hail a horse drawn carriage and travel the city as its’ early medieval residents once did.
A step back to this century is never far in Evora, as the city’s university life emboldens a rich culinary history, both modern and local shops, and a longtime love for Portugal’s nearby wineries. As any Evora tour guide will remind visitors, most public stores close for lunch between 1-3pm and any day itinerary should be planned accordingly. Those choosing not to partake in a daytime siesta of their own can find Jardim Público’s expansive park greenery to be a delightful locale for a stroll or picnic, or continue their walk through this pedestrian-friendly city.

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