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Rogerio we like to thank you for your guidance the car. A must lol and the friendship during our October 2019 tour of Spain Rogerio attendad to ... More more right

Review for Rogerio Cavalinhos, Tour guide in Coimbra, Portugal

Friendly and fun people, all the tours were very well organized, it was a great escape. More more right

Review for Portugal Travel Center , Tour guide in Coimbra, Portugal

José. We miss you so much. Over the 6 days we spent together we formed a very special bond with you. You are a wonderful person both inside and out. ... More more right

Review for Jose Cardoso, Tour guide in Coimbra, Portugal

About Coimbra

Coimbra is a fascinating blend of old and new, where its’ medieval history is the backdrop for Portugal’s most prominent university. Ornate cathedrals and antique architecture adorn the old city’s stonewalls, as a living storybook detailing Coimbra’s long and gritty past. Natural relics trickle throughout the town, making way to an 18th century clock tower overlooking the university’s courtyard and holding a staple among the youth blossoming beneath it. Speaking of the university, its’ complexly archaic architecture and focal point in the Portuguese-speaking world are what contribute to the campus’ current application as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Further out, the fascinating Roman ruins at Conímbriga and the Montemor-o-Velho castle make for interesting day trips from the city.Yet any good Coimbra tour guide will note the range of city attractions far beyond its’ amazing historical importance. Portugal’s largest Botanical Garden, museums, festivals and a lively downtown aligned along the Mondego River are among the countless allures beckoning locals and visitors alike. But the clear winner is the regions’ cuisine; authentic Portuguese dining is its’ true cultural gateway awaiting all who visit this charmingly aged city.

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