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About Tagaytay

From the thick groves of forested hillside, to the formidable rise of Volcano Island in the middle of Taal Lake just to the south, the scenery around Tagaytay is pure drama. The city itself clings to Tagaytay Ridge, with municipal districts spread out majestically along the lush green valleys on either side. From the urban centre atop its highest point, the bubbling pots of Taal’s volcanic caldera are always visible, steaming with tropic gusto all year round; ever-present reminders of this town true exoticism.

Unsurprisingly it is activities in the natural surroundings that most Tagaytay tour guides will offer here. Daily boat trips across to Taal Volcano and hiking packages up to its peak remain the most popular outings, while other excursions take visitors to some of the most pristine lake shores in all of Luzon.

Closer to the town itself there are also a number of intriguing religious and cultural spots that are also worth a visit, from the revolutionary monuments at the Mabini Shrine and Marcela N. Agoncillo Historical Landmark, to the post-colonial heritage home of Casa de Segunda Katigbak.

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