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About Surigao

Peaking its way out of the top of Mindanao Island, the sprawling port town of Surigao is much more than just a convenient stop-off on the way through to the legendary surf spots of Siargao Island (where those gnarly ‘Cloud 9’ breakers buffet the shore). Yes sir, touting its own rich history of mineral mining, a bubbling waterfront promenade dotted with al fresco drink bars and a smattering of haggle-inducing markets, Surigao promises travellers who opt to linger here for a while a memorable stay. There are interesting little natural ‘must sees’ peppering the peripheries of town (and some even within city limits), like the caves of Buenavista and nearby Silop that sit serrated with ancient stalactites, and the unique Zaragoza rock formations. Surigao tour guides also organise excursions to the dense mangrove swamps on Manjagao Island, the shimmering tropical beaches at Mabua and Basul, as well as some enthralling local cultural stops, from the Mamanwa town steads to the Day-asan floating villages along the waterways of the Hinituan Channel.

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