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Glaiza Melendres is a beautiful human being. She loves her country and loves showing it to you. She makes you feel at home and comfortable and ... More more right

Review for Glaiza Melendres, Tour guide in Puerto Princesa, Philippines

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Review for Fidel Pacia Jr, Tour guide in Puerto Princesa, Philippines

About Puerto Princesa

The ‘City in a Forest’, Puerto Princesa has all its best attractions revolving around nature. Hike through lush forests and hilly terrain, navigate through the longest underground river in the world, and jump into the sea for some adventure water sports to give yourself an unforgettable holiday!

With a focus on protecting the environment and making it accessible to all, it is no wonder that the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, running under a mountain range through an underground cave with impressive formations of stalactites and stalagmites has been proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Get into a pump boat with your Puerta Princesa tour guide to catch the diversity of the flora and fauna that reside in the national park surrounding the river. Fly along the zip line of the 75-foot Ugong Rock or identify the Palawan butterflies at Butterfly Garden. With water so clear and blue, hop on a boat at Honda Bay for a picnic lunch and snorkelling amongst the many reefs or swim with gray reef sharks near the islands of Arreceffi Island and Panglima Reef. Pamper yourself at the end of the day with a fresh meal at one of the seaside restaurants or dance the night away at one of the many bars by the beach.

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