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Review for Marjorie Zamudio, Tour guide in Palawan, Philippines

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Review for Edwin Jo, Tour guide in Palawan, Philippines

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Review for Fidel Pacia Jr, Tour guide in Palawan, Philippines

About Palawan

A thin and elongated fragment of the Philippine archipelago that extends like a finger from Malaysian Borneo to the Visayas, Palawan is as striking in geographical orientation as it is in appearance. Around its edges, chiselled cliffs of draping jungle vines give way to a pristine, turquoise sea. Coral reefs bursting with colour and curious marine life cluster around the beaches, which in turn shimmer and shine a pearly-white next to the deep green of the coconut palms and the coastal rainforests. Inland, ancient volcanic hills are dressed in verdant canopies, beset by roaring rivers and deep-cut karsts concealing underground waterways (check out the UNESCO-attested Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park) where Palawan tour guides venture with groups of awestruck visitors.

For divers, the world’s best coral gardens can be explored at the Tubbataha Reef, while the majestic El Nido is the gateway to countless ivory-white sands and tropical lagoons that constitute the Bacuit archipelago. What’s more, there’s everything from eco-resorts to luxury hotels peppering the hills and coves of Palawan, making it a welcome spot for both backpackers and relaxation seekers hitting this truly wonderful section of Southeast Asia.

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