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About Manila

First time visitors to Manila could easily be forgiven for forgetting that it’s not the largest city in the Philippines. This could be due to the sprawling suburbs of big-business high-rises and shiny industrial buildings that are increasingly outdoing the economically weaker sections of the city. The metropolis oozes with cosmopolitanism and energy like no other in the country, and any Manila tourist guide accordingly brims with things to do.
While Manila has no exact centre to speak of, nor any historical hub, its major touristic focal point is still the 16th century Intramuros fortress area on the banks of the Pasig River, where Spanish colonial forces first made their stand against the other warring European factions with interests in Luzon. Other worthy sites include the Black Nazarene of the Quiapo Church (one of the city’s legendary miraculous relics), along with a number of quirky and offbeat museums. Keep in mind though that getting around to these points of interest should factor in time taken to navigate the challenging traffic, heavily peppered with shiny jeepneys spinning through.
Put simply, Manila is a city at once astounding in its vastness and exhilarating in its diverse offering of activities, where all the facets of Filipino culture are laid bare in all their encompassing glory.

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