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About Legazpi

Jeepneys and tuk-tuks wriggle through the grid of streets that forms the centre of Legazpi city, all in the shadow of massive Mount Mayon. And if that backdrop – a perfectly, cone-shaped volcano with just the right amount of magma-carved sinews running down its slopes – seems a little too much like an artist's impression, remember that Mayon is oft-hailed as the shapeliest example of a volcano on the globe! The best place to enjoy its panoramic views would be from Ligñon Hill, where Legazpi tour guides also organize heart-thumping adventure sports from ziplining sessions to mountain biking outings. For the history buffs, there are the elegant Baroque relics of nearby Daraga, the Japanese tunnels dating back to World war 2, and the ruins at Cagsawa that were subjected to Mayon’s ire back in 1814. The best way to enjoy Legaspi though, would be to visit when the colourful festivities of the Ibalong Festival kick in; a blowout of street carnivals, Bicalono cuisisne and firework displays.

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