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About Laoag

From charming Spanish architecture and crumbling colonial churches clad in ivy, to sprawling casino-come-hotel resorts and luxury all-inclusives laden with Chinese jet setters, the city of Laoag has established itself firmly as the golden child of tourism in the northern Philippines.

As the political and cultural kingpin of the greater Ilocos Norte region, the town is characterised by a Capitol building and museum detailing the history and heritage of the people inhabiting this northern climb of Luzon. Also, be sure to ask your Laoag tour guide about the curious Sinking Bell Tower, the famous tobacco boutiques of Tabacalera, or the best places to grab an authentic Laoag bagoong terong (seafood paste)curry.

And if you came here looking to explore a little bit further afield, there is the historic site at Paoay, the shimmering sand stretches of La Paz, aquamarine seas that dot the Pagudpud Coast, or the paradisal Ka-Angrian Waterfalls on the slopes of misty Mount Sicapoo.

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