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About Cagayan de Oro

Fast growing and bubbling with life, the metropolitan capital of the Misamis Oriental region does well to provide a dose of the Philippines’ more modern character. What’s more, from the vast pineapple orchards that dominate the northern hillsides of the city, to the regal buildings of Xavier University (one of the country’s oldest and most prestigious), there’s plenty to explore here that isn’t on the typical tourist trail.
Off-the-beaten track visitors should be sure to ask their Cagayan de Oro tour guide about the interesting night markets that pop up haphazardly around Divisoria on the weekends, or the picturesque viewing points and recreation parks that pepper the hilltops of the city’s various outlying districts, from panoramic High Ridge to Macahambus.
Cagayan de Oro is also a great base for exploration into the nearby Camiguin Island replete with Robinson Crusoe beaches, beautiful sands and volcanic springs, while the city’s wild river has nurtured a great outdoors adventure scene, with tour operators in town hosting regular kayaking or whitewater rafting excursions.

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