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About Philippines

Inexplicably overlooked by many visiting Southeast Asia, the Philippines hold their own personality and alluring splendor that captivates all who see it. Its’ 7,000 islands are a paradise-like conglomerate of thriving jungles and mountainous terrain that culminate on the edges in soft, warm sand and crystal blue waters. Different islands engage different travellers, from the scuba divers, beach bums, and solo shoreline campers, but all provide the same natural-made luxury. The beaches’ massage ladies and island spas don’t hurt either!

Beyond its’ indescribably serene aesthetics, the Philippines is extremely tourist friendly. As one of the most budget-friendly destinations in the region, everything from the food to the booze is affordable. Plus, as the government’s language, English is the preferred mode of written communication and spoken by 90% of locals. Perhaps it is the lack of language barrier, but Filipinos are infectiously amiable. Warmth and energy radiate from the islands’ people as much as it does from the regional sunshine, beckoning tourists to stay a while and betray their departure plans with euphoric resign. 

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