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We have known Paul in a trip with the purpose of visiting the Nasca Lines. He took us in our hotel, in Paracas, and brought us to Ica, where we were ... More more right

Review for Paul Catacora, Tour guide in Pisco, Peru

About Pisco

All around Pisco the rugged cliffs and beige sands of the Peruvian South glow in the same brown and yellow hues as the national whiskey drink that shares the city’s name. At its front lies the great blue of the Pacific Ocean, rolling over in swells against the beaches of pretty Paracas just down the coast, and the rugged frames of the Ballestas Islands further out at sea; both of which are great day-trips from Pisco!

The city itself is a humble affair that’s perfect for any travellers eager to catch some laid-back local charm before hitting the hubbub of Lima. The centre boasts a lovely archaeology museum, some charming colonial plazas, and a smattering of the best drinkeries in the country (quite right too for the home of the Pisco sour!).

Visitors looking for further explorations into the Ica Region could also consult their Pisco tour guide about the ancient adobe complexes of nearby Tambo Colorado, or the startling contours of the El Candelabro in the desert.

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