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Julie Australia April 2018.Armand was an excellent guide,I would highly recommend him. He is very knowledgable & caring More more right

Review for Armand Saavedra, Tour guide in Lima, Peru

Fueron unos días geniales por la Amazonia, con un muy buen trato por parte de Angelo y todo su equipo y donde pudimos vivir la selva y aprender ... More more right

Review for Lupuna Jungle Tours , Tour guide in Lima, Peru

Claudio was an excellent guide. As assistant guide for our trek, he was a calm and steady influence, always making sure that the hikers at the back ... More more right

Review for Claudio Maqque Valdez, Tour guide in Lima, Peru

About Lima

Lima’s modern veneer is ostensibly mechanised and concrete; a product of Peru’s 21st century drives towards the forefront of tourism in South America. But under the misty blanket that envelops the city part of the year, and between the shimmering high-rises and big business complexes of the downtown districts, it’s still possible to spy out precious old relics. The archaeological bequests of the Spanish conquistadores at Lima Centro (from the elegant La Catedral de Lima to the romantic Plaza de Armas) and the smatterings of pre Incan ruins found around the city (like the ones at Huaca Pucclana) extend further into its museums, of which your Lima tour guide will mark down the National Museum as a must see.  Do make it a point to head to the wildly popular touristic district of Miraflores where a myriad of traditional gastronomic joints await, and guests can expect a full-frills experience of Peruvian cuisine en masse. Further explore Lima’s unique everyday culture here  or at at Barranco’s art galleries and nightlife, where the locals party in the salsa clubs and hidden jazz bars to the beats of Peruvian Creole late into the night.

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