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About Ica

Just a short jaunt south of Lima on Peru’s southern coast, the city of Ica rises from the undulating desert dunes of the Atacama like a great urban flower in bloom; an oasis of cotton fields and orchards, orange groves and vineyards, colonial city squares and conquistadores cathedrals (sadly now condemned in the wake of the 2007 earthquake), all hidden amidst the sands.
It’s a place that exudes a certain off-the-beaten-track charm, while still retaining that recognisable Peruvian hubbub of tooting traffic and lively locals. There’s a smattering of music clubs and authentic eateries to enjoy, not to mention plenty of cool bars dousing patrons in oodles of pisco sour and local wine (which, the locals claim, is the best in the whole country).
Most Ica tour guides will steer visitors to explore the unique surroundings that encompass the city; from traditional wine cellars and outlying towns, to the nearby oasis of Huacachina, or even excursions to the iconic Nazca Lines further to the south.

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