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About Bocanegra

A small part of the vast stretches of urban jungle that coalesce to form the sprawling Lima Metropolitan Area, Bocanegra makes its home on the western fringes of the Peruvian capital. The stepping stone to the historic port sides of the city, and the gateway to the grand Castillo de Real Felipe of La Punta, it's often just passed over by travelers on their way through to the pretty salt-washed coastline of the Pacific. That said, thousands will encounter Bocanegra thanks to the runways of the Jorge Chávez International Airport, which stretch out right at the heart of the district. This is the busiest air terminal in all of Peru, and the arrival (or departure) point for more than 11 million people each year. The whole place is well-linked to both the historic heart of Lima (a UNESCO site, no less) and the beach resorts between Pucusana and San Antonio to the south, making it the perfect place to meet and greet your Bocanegra tour guide before exploring the other treasures of the capital.

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