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Vanessa and her team at Expertizia Travel went above and beyond what we expected!  Vanessa, and her staff were excellent in providing ... More more right

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Claudio was an excellent guide. As assistant guide for our trek, he was a calm and steady influence, always making sure that the hikers at the back ... More more right

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About Arequipa

Often referred to as the White City, Arequipa is a beautiful blend of Spanish colonial and indigenous architecture and culture. Perhaps what is most unusual is that the city has no ruins and overtime all historic buildings like the ancient ‘Tambos’ houses have been refurbished. The main square is the Plaza de Armas where one will find a fascinating collection of white buildings made from volcanic stone called sillar. Close by is the San Camillo Market, a good place to buy pashminas, jumpers and ponchos made from Alpaca wool. Let an experienced Arequipa Travel guide navigate you through the Roman Catholic churches that dot the city like the large La Compania Church and Cloister, her finely carved arched columns and ornate entrance is most probably the most beautiful in the city. Spend a few hours at the Convento de Santa Catalina, walking through the Cloister of the Oranges, the beautiful silverwork of the Alter of the church or walk along Cordova Street, geraniums hanging from the window boxes. Crossing the iron bridge Puente Fierro, it would be appropriate to stop for lunch and try the traditional Rocoto relleno con pastel de papa, a pepper that has been stuffed with potato pie.

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