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4 Days Trekking tour itinerary for Huaraz & Huascarán National Park: Trek Up To One Of The Most Breathtaking Part Of Peru

Huaraz, Huascarán National Park

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Opt for the best trekking experience in Cordillera Blanca, the world's highest tropical range that encompasses some of South America's highest mountains. Behold the spectacle of this beautiful summit providing an extraordinary view of the Llanganuco valley, as you glean on the exquisiteness Mother Nature. 

DAY 01


  • Start the trail from Kashapampa (village), where we can find some snack shops and meet with mule drivers. 

  • Go up the hill towards Santa Cruz valley, along the water canal, find  the river and valley (Santa Cruz).

  • This is the point where you pay the entry fee of Huascaran National Park. The pretty path goes up, walking for 9.5 kilometers in approximately four or five hours till the camp.

  • The place where you spend your first night is Llamacorral (3760 m).

DAY 02


  • Continue going up the valley towards two lakes- Ichik Qucha (3850 m) and Hatun Qucha (3950 m). Enjoy the wonderful mountain views on north, east and south.

  • About mid-day, almost at the end of the flat over Hatun Qucha, find grey Andean trees which are called Kiswar.

  • From Kiswarpampa (place of buddleia trees)  choose one of the two ways: the first one goes up to Tawli Pampa (second camping place) and the second way is to turn to Alpamayo (5949 m) viewpoint or base camp.

  • Up from here, trek to the Tawllipampa camping area (4250 m). This place offers an impressive landscape with mountains like: Kitarahu, Rinrijirca, Taulliraju, Artesonraju and others. 

DAY 03


  • Trek towards Punta Union pass (4750 m).

  • Reach the summit and  spend some time admiring the landscape. 

  • See valleys (Santa Cruz and Waripampa), lakes (Hatun Qucha, Tawlliqucha, Tsakiqucha, and other smalls), mountains (Artisunrahu, Pumapamparahu, Kitarahu, Rinrihirka, Pukahirka, Tawllirahu, Pukarahu, and more), and wildlife (typical flora and fauna), from a higher perspective.

  • Descend and reach Paria (3870 m) or Huaripampa (3700 m) for an overnight stay.

DAY 04

huaripampa VALLEY – VAQUERIA

  • Finish the last stage of this trek. 

  • At the end of the Huaripampa Valley is a small village of the same name with its typical house building style. From this town it is possible to see Chacraraju (6112 m). Explore the surrounding areas. 

  • After passing the Huaripampa river through bridge (Yana Chaka – 3400 m), walk up towards Vaqueria (3700 m).

  • Take a bus to Llanganuco, Yungay and Huaraz. 

  • 150 USD Per Adult (* 10 Pax)
  • 250 USD Per Adult (* Considered 4 person)
  • Camping materials (tent, mattress, gas stove, and other kitchen tools).

  • Trekking Guides.

  • Donkey drivers.

  • Transportation.

  • Entrance ticket to Huascaran National Park.

  • First breakfast.

  • Last night dinner.

  • Sleeping bag.

  • Personal medicine or first aid kit.

  • Tips.

  • It is possible to add side trips when it is a private group.

  • Recommendation: Use anti-mosquitoes creams (repellent).

Huaraz, Huascarán National Park

Trekking Tour
Camping Tour
Eco Tourism Tour

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Julio Cesar

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