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5 Day Jungle Adventure From Iquitos To Leticia & Manaus In The Amazon
  • Tour Category

    Private Tour

  • Tour Types

    Fishing, Dolphin Encounter, Eco Tourism

  • Duration

    5 Days

  • Activity Level


  • Language

    English, Portuguese


Hop on board for this tour for nature explorers and adventure lovers with camping, boating, and more! Here, you will spot animals like monkeys, anacondas, sloths, toucans; fish for pirañas, catfishes, and many more. Also do night walks to see snakes, scorpions, and more.   

  • Night walks to see giant frogs, tarantulas, and snakes
  • Delightful bird watching

  • Search for dolphins

  • Day 1: Arrival at airport - lodge expand_more
    • Arrive at the lodge and start with a short walk around. 

    • Proceed for night walks to see tarantulas, scorpions, snakes, and more. 

  • Day 2: Monkeys and Dolphins expand_more
    • Wake up early morning for a glorious sunrise view.

    • See monkeys, sloths, and watch birds in the jungles. 

    • After lunch, proceed for observing/spotting dolphins, swimming in the great amazon river. After this activity, enjoy an Amazonian sunset view. 

  • Day 3: Long hike expand_more
    • A full day hike into the deepest jungles to see the area's mammals, monkeys, birds, snakes, poison frogs, and lots more!

  • Day 4: Fishing and Caimans expand_more
    • Fish for pirañas, trouts, peacock bass, catfish, and more. Explore much more on boats by the lakeside and then head back to land, searching for caimans.

  • Day 5: Depart expand_more
    • After breakfast, we go in the boat up river to see the giant lily pads.

What's Included
  • Transport

  • Lodging in the jungle

  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

  • Peruvian Tour Guiding services

  • Entries

  • Tea, coffee, etc

What's Excluded
  • Bar

  • Souvenirs

  • Cold drinks

  • Tips

  • Sunblock

  • Repellent

  • Flight tickets

Know before you go
  • The tour is made for a fun adventure. I also have lodges, tours for people who love adventure into nature: camping, survivor training. There will also be a visit to some areas to see rescued monkeys anacondas, sloths, toucans, pirañas fishing, peacock basses, catfishes, and a lot more. 

Meeting Point

Iquitos, Peru

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations upto 2 days before the tour -

Refund of 80% of the tour price.
Tour Reviews
  • Richard

    Alain was our guide when a friend and I spent six days at Otorongo Expeditions in July 2018. He collected us from our hotel in Iquitos and supervised our jungle experience until he delivered us back to our hotel. As soon as we reached the lodge about 100 km downstream from the city he asked us what we wanted to do and drew up an itinerary that covered everything we wished to experience. My friend is an avid birdwatcher and I was very impressed with Alain's extensive knowledge of the birds in the area and where to find them. He took us fishing and we were highly successful, catching more than enough to feed ourselves. Alain told me he gives jungle survival courses for military personnel and it was fascinating to watch his bush craft. He built a fish grill out of green sticks and cooked our fish to perfection, he found and caught a small caiman in pitch darkness, he showed us river dolphins, sloths and poison dart frogs by day, and tarantulas by night among other activities. Alain filled each one of our days with value and the trip was worth every cent - thanks Alain!

  • Jon

     Our guide Alain was a perfect fit for our need during our stay at Otorongo Expideitions. I was most impressed right from the very start when he asked what it was "we wanted to do"  during our stay. Once our expectations and desires were expressed he gave us a very clear briefing on what to expect and how we could get our goals accomplished. Alain was very knowedgeable, prepared and willing to go the extra distance in every expidition we undertook. He was enthusiastic and tireless in making sure we got the maximum experience during out trip. Alain exceeded our expectations and then some and I highly recommend him as a professional guide! 

  • AnaCris Madueño

    ¡Alain hizo que nuestra experiencia en la Selva sea maravillosa!

    Desde que nos recogió, hasta instalarnos en el lodge y las excursiones que hicimos, todo el tiempo fue profesional y muy amable, nos dio consejos muy útiles para nuestros tours. Además, es súper gracioso y nos tomó fotos lindas.

    En todo momento nos trasmitió seguridad en cada una de las actividades que hacíamos, confiamos plenamente en su experiencia. Siempre mostró interés genuino en saber si estábamos cómodas con los tours, que era lo que preferíamos hacer, qué nos gustaba más, y a nuestro ritmo.

    Sin duda todas las historias que nos contó sobre sus vivencias en la selva nos dejaban asombradas, y compartió también con nosotras el amor por sus hijitos y cuánto los extrañaba cada vez que salía a trabajar. Nos demostró ser no sólo un excelente guía sino también un preocupado papá.

    Si volvemos a la selva, no contactaría a otra persona que no fuera él. ¡Súper recomendado!

  • ainhoa

    Alain fué nuestro guía durante la semana que pasamos en la reserva de Pacaya-Samiria. Nos acompañó en todo momento y moldeamos en tour a nuestro gusto junto a él. Alain, siempre amable y dispuesto a la aventura, parece tener un sexto sentido en la jungla, detectando cualquier movimiento y sonido. Pudimos ver muchos tipos de animales, sobre todo aves.

    Gracias Alain por la experiencia. Recomendamos sus servicios a todo aventurero y amante de la naturaleza. ¡Hasta siempre!

  • Tyson

    Alain was our guide with Otorongo Expeditions in the Amazon and was very impressive the entire time. I travelled with my girlfriend and her family and I had organized this section of our trip in Peru and we were all very impressed with Alain's knowledge of the jungle and what seemed to be everything in it, including the river. He has extensive survival knowledge and experience as well as biological and scientific knowledge from his field experience via guiding world leading experts and scientists on their expeditions from leading univerisites among other things. He also seems to have strong relationships and connections with the people in the communities. He speaks excellent english. He is honest and will very likely put in more effort than you will to acheive what you came to do in the jungle. Alain is the man!

  • William

    Very Professional

      From the moment he met us at our hotel in Iquitos Alain made sure we had the most exciting and comfortable experience possible. He took care of every detail so we were free to simply enjoy. He impressed us with his knowledge of the wildlife around us, from the birds, animals, plants, the river, to the history of towns we passed through. We were never bored! His English is very good! On our excursions on the river or into the jungle Alain was amazing at locating a particular bird or monkey or tree. He knew just where to go! He arranged for us to visit the village school because we are teachers.

    Bill and Jessie

  • Neil

    Alain seemed to have a sixth sense about the jungle. He has an incredible knowledge of bird sounds, identifying a bird within seconds etc. He also knew where to look to find what each trip was focused on. When we found the animal/bird/reptile/insect he provided a full description and a few stories around it. So the depth of our own understanding increased and we enjoyed each experience to the full. He was always looking to deliver to us an amazing experience - and he delivered.

  • Corinne

    Alaín was an incredible tourguide! My boyfriend and I had a three day tour with him and he was incredibly knowledgable about the animals, plants, and folklore of the area and explained everything in great detail. He filled our days with the most amazing activities, such as seeing river dolphins, monkeys, and sloths, guiding us on a boat through flooded rainforest, and most impressively, taking us camping in the jungle, which was a labor-intensive effort that involved clearing a site for the tent with machetes, building a tent, and cooking dinner-- somehow he still had all the energy to take us out on a night tour to see caiman (and he caught a baby one which we were able to hold). We also met Alaín's friend Martina the wooly monkey, who surprised us with a visit in our boat. Alaín gave us the experience of a lifetime and we had so much fun. Thank you, Alaín!

  • Javi

    Muchas gracias por la gran experiencia de vivir la selva. Recomiendo a Alain por la calidad de persona y la buena predisponibilidad en todo lo que necesitas. Puedo decir que es un apasionado de la selva y tiene una gran vista para encontrar animales. 

  • Luis

    Alain ist ein erstaunlich professioneller und hervorragend informierter Guide. Er kennt jede Pflanze und jedes Tier das uns über den Weg gelaufen ist mit allem wissenschaftlichem Hintergrundwissen. Er konnten alle unsere Fragen beanworten.  Mit ihm fühlt man sich immer sicher, er ist immer gut gelaunt - er hat sich während unseres gesamten Aufenthalts hervorragend um uns gekümmert.

    Mit seinem geübten Auge hat er sogar nachts ein Schlange gefunden und für uns gefangen, damit wir sie von Nahem bestaunen konnten.

    Davon abgesehen ist er außerdem ein hervorragender Koch, der uns aus selbst gefangen Fischen ein sehr gutes Essen gezaubert hat. Außerdem hat er uns mit seinen Geschichten abends gut unterhalten.

    Wir hätten keinen besseren Guide finden können. Die Tage mit Alain waren eine sehr schöne Erfahrung für unsere Familie.

  • Travis

    We cannot say enough good things about Alain.  He completely made our experience in the Amazon due to his 1) knowledge of the animals, bugs, plants, etc 2) his resourcefulness 3) his love for the jungle

    Even when we were getting eaten alive by mosquitos or dealing with the hot temperatures he was always positive and showing us all the Amazon had to offer.  He spoke great english which really helped as we spoke no spanish.  He also ensured we were always safe and he constantly was ensuring we were doing what we wanted to do along the way to really make it our experience. 

    Due to all the research he does in the jungle it is beyond impressive the knowledge he has about it.  I doubt any other guide will know as much as him. 

    I would highly recommend doing a tour with him.  

  • Honza

    Thank you, Alain, for very good adventure in the jungle. It was really good experience for all of us to see pure jungle and to sleep in the raining forrest. Of course with help from you. I can recommand you as the best tourguide with famous knowledge of animals, trees, plants and so on.. See you again. Jan, Czech Republic

  • Julia

    My boyfriend and I did a Jungle Tour in Iquitos and luckily, Alain was our tourguide! He led us through the Jungle with an impressive knowledge of the Amazon. We asked so many questions and many times, Alain answered even more than we were hoping to hear. 

    He is very professional and still wouldn't miss a good smile! I would recommend him to my friends! 


  • Daniel

    Alain (Allen) has everything you look for in a guide. Right away I was pleasantly surprised by his perfectly fluent English, which is hard to find in Iquitos. His knowledge of the Amazon is very impressive and he never hesitates to share what he knows (even after hundreds of questions asked to him). He is a true professional, always studying and furthering his expertise of the jungle. Furhermore he is extremely hospitable and takes great care of his groups. He went above and beyond helping my girlfriend and I after our tour, taking much of his free time and expecting nothing in return. I would recommend him to anyone.

  • Jesus

    Los días que estuve en el lodge con alain realmente la pase muy bien, aprendí mucho sobre plantas, animales, pesca y tecnicas de supervivencia. además conocí a una gran persona la cual consideró un buen amigo con el que esperó volver a tener muchas aventuras ya sea en la selva o en otro  lugar.

    Saludos y mucha buena vibra!!!

  • Caitlin
    Could not have had a better experience touring the Amazon jungle than we had with Alain. His knowledge was so extensive. There was no question he couldn't answer. At one point, I literally asked, "how did you learn all of this?" It's clear that Amazon wildlife and ecosystems aren't just a job for Alain— they're his passions. More importantly, to me, was Alain's personality and integration in the Amazon community. It's very easy for a guide to accidentally create a "classroom" environment, and Alain DOES NOT do that. He's funny fun, and spontaneous— we had such a great time and couldn't imagine this experience with any other way. He also introduced us to the village of Porto Miguel, which ended up being the highlight of our trip. Meeting all of the families, seeing the way they live their lives, and spending time in the village was eye-opening and magical. Cannot thank him enough for everything he showed us, it really was the trip of a lifetime. Y'all would be lucky to have Alain as a guide!!!
  • Lorraine
    We stayed at the Treetop Lodge and had great adventures with Alain from a village tour to piraña fishing. We then spent 5 hours with him and his beautiful 6 year old daughter touring Iquitos doing things we would never have found on our own! We insisted he bring his daughter as he was giving up his day with his family to take us. We highly recommend him to fellow travellers.
  • Diana
    I met alain in a tourist company. It was very nice experience in the jungle ; he taught me a lot about animals and plants. It's a fun and friendly person . I appreciate your dedication and time.
  • Patrick
    Alain met us at the airport in Iquitos and was our dedicated guide for our entire time in the Amazon. He knew the area, flora and fauna in great detail, and always had something interesting to point out. He did not disappoint in accommodating our (at times probably unreasonable) requests to see every bit of wildlife. We had an exciting, if tiring, day looking for monkeys in the forest, and a really great time fishing! Alain also clearly cares a lot about the local communities, working to allow them to work with the tourist industry in a healthy way.
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