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5 Days Nature tour itinerary for Iquitos: Land In The Largest Metropolis Of Peruvian Amazon


Bird Watching Tour
Nature Tour
Wildlife Tour

Explore this Peruvian capital city of Maynas Province and Loreto region. Situated on the banks of Nanay river, see the point where this river meets the Amazon River. Enjoy diverse topography and see different fishes, alligators and monkeys. 

DAY 01

iquitos city

  • Pick you up from the airport or hotel at Iquitos.

  • Go by car or mototaxi to the Bellavista Nanay port area.  Here, you will see local markets and local vendors selling a variety of their local produce - fish, fruits, vegetables. Your Peruvian tour guide will explain to you briefly about this market.

  • Take a tropical boat and set sail to see the meeting point of two rivers - Nanay and Amazon river - both of them are of different colours.

  • On the way, stop at Pedrito Fundo at Barrio Florido village, about 45 minutes from Bellavista Nanay. Here, watch out for alligators, paiches (freshwater fish and one of the longest fish in the world) and the Victoria Amazonica (the biggest lily-pad in the world). 

  • Arrive at the lodge near this place and enjoy welcome drinks at a private bungalow and your guide will explain to you about the activities at this lodge.

  • Enjoy a lovely tropical lunch and go for short walks near the lodge.

  • Dinner will be at the lodge. 

DAY 02

macaw jungle expeditions lodge

  • Begin with an early excursion at 5:30 am for beautiful sunrises and bird sights. 

  • After a yummy breakfast, do jungle treks to see huge trees and your Peruvian guide will explain about the medicinal properties of some of these trees and plants.

  • After lunch, do a fishing tour (piranha, catfish, barracuda) and nocturnal walks to see nocturnal animals like tarantulas, snakes, scorpions, frogs and many more.

DAY 03

macaw jungle expeditions lodge

  • Begin with breakfast and then proceed to visit the Yahuas Indigenous tribes to know all about their customs, language, dance etc. In fact, they will show you how to use a blowgun - an ancient weapon. You can also buy some local handicrafts from them.

  • After this visit, go for some dolphins spotting (optional swimming) with your Iquitos tour guide.

  • Eat a lovely lunch.

  • After rest, go to the Yanayacu River to explore by boat ride and search for wildlife (monkey, birds, huge tree, and swimming in this Black Water river). 

  • Relish dinner at the lodge 

  • Learn about the jungle. 

DAY 04

yanayacu river

  • Visit a butterfly farm called Morphosapi (45 species of butterfly), a beautiful project to protect and breed this amazing insect; you will see all the butterfly circle life. 

  • Eat a yummy lunch.

  • Go to the sanctuary of animals where you will see different species of animals like parrots, toucans, macaws, monkey, the anaconda the largest snake and many more all of them in this rescued center sanctuary of animals. 

  • Break for dinner.

  • Relax at the lodge. 

DAY 05

monkey island

  • After breakfast, visit Monkey Island to see different species of monkeys. You can also interact with them.

  • Return to the lodge for lunch and then, back to Iquitos city for further airport or hotel transfers.  

  • 500 USD Per Adult
  • Mineral water.

  • Transport, airport - lodge - airport (hotel) 

  • Excursions.

  • Accommodation with private bathroom.

  • Meals

  • 4 Lunch 

  • 4 dinner

  • 4 breakfast 

  • Coffee área 

  • Naturalist (Peruvian) tour guide.

  • Limited electricity.

  • Entrance Fee

  • Bar service.

  • Beer.

  • Cigar.

  • Snacks.

  • Gratuity for the guide 

  • The lodge its located downstream on the Amazon River and Yanayacu River, 35 km away from Iquitos city. 

  • Be aware that the excursion can be changed according to the weather conditions.

What to bring?

  • Repellent insect cream. 

  • Walking shoes.

  • Binoculars.

  • Long-sleeved shirt.

  • Poncho.

  • Flashlight.


Bird Watching Tour
Nature Tour
Wildlife Tour

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